"We believe that mastering the combination of  innovation, entrepreneurship and strategic partnerships is the key driver for business success in the current (and future) economy."

Koen Vriesacker - Founder & Managing Director

The Noventus Connection offers consultancy on inter-organisational collaboration. Organisation Networks are the organisation shape that allows to achieve goals that none of the participating organisations can achieve on their own.

This is crucial in the so-called ‘wicked problem’ situations: Really complicated challenges that require several organizations and actors to align their actions, to jointly execute a common strategy and pursue common goals.

Organisational networks will be an important organisation paradigm in the future, as interconnections between critical factors increasingly make goal getting challenges more complex.

Our customer base is globally spread, with the highest concentration in 'greater Europe'.


Collaboration is two or more organisations working together to realize shared goals that they couldn't achieve on their own.

The Noventus Connection

Noventus is an international group of people that dedicate their time to building and creating collaborations.

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