Noventus comes from the Latin words Novus Ventus, meaning 'New Wind'. That's where we strive for: creating a new wind for organisations, so they can sail towards a nice and safe future.



Noventus offers knowledge and (wo)men power to build and improve collaborative settings.

The Noventus team is exclusively build with highly experienced  people that combine experience on top executive levels with an entrepreneurial attitude.

Some history

Noventus was founded in 2009 by Koen Vriesacker. The initial focus was to offer one man consultancy services in the domain of innovation and entrepreneurship. After 6 years, this focus started to become mainstream so a new differentiation strategy was needed. This resulted in the specialisation in collaborative environments. After all, experience learned that innovation always emerges in a collaborative setting, and there was a clear and strong need for support in making collaboration happen. Together with the new focus, it was clear that a team can achieve more than one lonely person. 
With the eyes on the international market, Noventus invested in a network of senior partners with complementary visions. Partners that have the same ideas about quality and have a strong network in and outside of Europe. It's our ambition to become one of the global top players on building and managing collaborative environments, hybrid teams, innovative organisations... With a balanced approach between strategy and communication we boost results and activities in your organisation.

Geographical reach

Noventus operates all across the world, with a focus on the European area. With the head office located in Belgium, convenient global connections are available. We offer our services in English, French and Dutch. Through international partnerships, Noventus can offer local connections with strong interaction.

Sectors and industries

Diversity is key in collaboration. That's why Noventus refuses to focus on specific sectors or industries. Only through our strong track record and experience in other environments, we are able to bring in new insights in your business. We actively work to build projects that are linking business, research and the social dimensions of society.

Some sectors where we have good experience: healthcare, high tech innovation, start-up's, public institutions, ...


Some examples of the organisations we work(ed) with: