Collaboration facilitation

Your organisation is a 'network' of employees, teams, management, customers, suppliers, external partners and stakeholders. A network that constantly feels pressure from internal and external factors. Change programs often struggle, causing high costs while lacking real results.

Are you looking for a partner to connect the different building blocks? To facilitate your networks with the right knowledge and tools?

Noventus is the ideal sparring partner and guides enthousiast SMEs, governments and corporates in their growth process. By using workshops, training, coaching and sparring sessions, Noventus sharpens the competences in your organisation. Our vision and methods is scientifically grounded, our approach is human centered and to the point. We look at your organisation as a system that is influenced by it's internal and external interactions. 

We use a 360° view to identify blocking factors, use competences, optimise networks and get all the noses in the same direction.

What can you expect as result:

  • Teams and departments are stimulated to share knowledge.
  • An improved and strengthened organisation culture.
  • Cost savings and an increase in ROI.
  • An improved quality of service, both internally and externally.
  • Stronger team results and the use of all the available capacities.
  • Organisation wide buy in for long term strategies.
  • Your internal and external network is strategically aligned to the business goals.
  • New market approach and entry.

By investing in collaborative networks inside and outside your organisation, we bridge the gap between what your organisation can and wants to achieve,

Facilitation tailored to your organisation?

Always! Noventus looks for the blueprint of your organisation. We engage in a dialogue with all stakeholders, we share knowledge and expertise to arrive at sustainable and solid collaborative goals and solutions. Noventus creates a programme based on your specific needs and budgetary possibilities.

Can your organisation use a Noventus boost?

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